The often confusing Asian cockroach

The Asian cockroach is a pest all of us from Ocala, Lady Lake, The Villages, Dunnellon, Inverness, Leesburg and surrounding areas have all encountered. They are quite common in our range and a call we regularly get for pest control and cockroach control quite often. One problem that often comes up with the Asian cockroach is the similar appearance that it shares with the German cockroach. There are however, several easily distinguishable differences between the two cockroach species.

Asian Cockroach

First of all, although the German cockroach has wings, they don’t use them to fly while the Asian cockroach have this capability. The old rule of thumb has been that German cockroaches only infest on the inside while Asian cockroaches only infest outdoors. While it’s true about the German cockroach as they need humans to survive, the later usually doesn’t last too long on the inside of a home. I have found some exceptions to this rule in my experience finding the occasional Asian roach living on the inside, usually near a garbage pail and seeming to be alive and well. Occasionally an ootheca will be dropped on the inside of a home and when it hatches, the nymphs seem to be able to survive, at least until early adulthood. Still, this is not a common occurrence and 99% of the time a pest control or cockroach control call that we receive about a roach infestion on the inside is going to almost surely be German cockroaches.

The Asian cockroach seems to prefer damper areas where there are trees and fallen leaves that gather around a house. This is why to discourage and limit cockroach activity, as well as other pest control issues, to keep leaves raked up. They will often take refuge in a house finding their way through small entry points, usually around eaves and doors with poor weather tripping. With the exception of the rare occurrences we spoke of earlier in this post, adults usually don’t last long on the inside. Still they can be confusing because at least a couple times a year we get calls for German cockroaches when they turn out to be only Asians. Ultimately between the two, you would prefer to deal with the Asian cockroaches who can be discouraged from entering a structure by quarterly sprays of repellent insecticide.

Another thing the Asian and German cockroach share in common is that they are both invasive species. So, whichever species you may be dealing with, including all other species that occur in our range we at Meryl’s Termite and Pest Control are ready to answer the call!

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