Be sure to check for pests before putting up the Christmas Tree!

With Christmas time here again be sure to check for pests before putting up the Christmas Tree! So the other day I was going through some boxes that contain Christmas decorations and can you guess what I came across? Silverfish! At least five of them. Cardboard boxes that are stored in a garage that are not disturbed for an entire year are a great place for silverfish to live. Then, I went to burn some wood from outside and guess what I got nailed by? Yes, you guessed right if you were thinking a red imported fire ant. They certainly live up to their name because it burned like fire for about three hours and I still have the pustular from it, though I doubt it will scar since I was only stung by one. So, once again I can say that we live and Florida and we deal with pests all year long, all twelve months. It’s much different than living in New York where I was raised and lived for twenty-nine years of my life. In New York by the last week September until the last week in April (approximately) there are no signs of any ants, spiders, or any other pests, bugs, or insects of any kind. You won’t even come across them dormant under logs or things laying around in the garage because they have to go below the frost line in able to survive the long, hash, and cold winters. To be honest, I never even saw an actual cockroach until  moved to Florida, and even though black widow spiders are supposedly in the range of where I used to live, I’ve never actually seen one, only wolf spiders during the summer months.

So anyway, be sure to check for pests when going through stored boxes, containers, and fire wood. Also be aware of wreaths and Christmas trees of the non-artificial kind, although pest could also be hiding in such artificial ornaments as well. Also, watch out for possible damage caused by mice on wires for lighting. You can also detect mouse activity by the droppings left behind. We at Meryl’s Termite and Pest Control would like to wish all of you happy holidays and a healthy new year and stay safe from pest this holiday season, and all year ’round.