Bigheaded Ant = A Really Big Problem!

ere’s an ant species common in our range that we at Meryl’s Termite and Pest Control have not addressed yet, but we’ll be doing so today! Namely, the bigheaded ant.

So, why does the big headed ant equal to a really big problem? For one thing it’s a matter of mis-identification. Big headed ants are often confused with red imported fire ants, Florida carpenter ants, acrobat ants and others. This is because they in some cases have similar colors or similar bodies to the other ants but with one big difference that truly distinguishes them from other ant species; its big head! But wait, there’s more; to add to the confusion, not all bigheaded ants have big heads! You see, the major worker, or “soldier” has a big head. The minor workers have a normal sized head and they far outnumber the big-headed soldiers. So, this means that when looking at the invading ant, or out in nature you have to look closely and carefully because there may only be one big-headed ant among many, many workers. This is where then confusion comes in but if you are able to find that ant with the big head, you have a positive identification for bigheaded ants. Let’s back this up with some pictures, shall we?

Do you see ’em?

Bigheaded Ant

Okay, how about here? Look carefully… Can you pick the ant out to positively identify the species? Do you see how they could easily be missed if you don’t take a careful look?

Bigheaded Ant

By the way. These guys were photographed in a mound in a yard in Hernado (Citrus County) Florida.

The bigheaded ant is an invasive species of ant that has been nominated as one of the hundred “World’s Worst” invaders. The need tropical or sub-tropical (us folks in Florida) conditions to survive. With several queens and super-colonies added to their budding tendencies, it’s no wonder why the bigheaded ant = a really big problem. We at Meryl’s Termite and Pest Control have the answer in controlling the bigheaded ant species and all other ants that occur in our range both naturally and otherwise.