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Current prediction from TWC: Mild and dry winter ahead

Current prediction from TWC: Mild and dry winter ahead.

Mild and dry, above average temperatures in our range of central Florida are currently being predicted in our range of central Florida. This is due to a growing La Niña effect that should hold strong until the spring of 2018. If La Niña does form, it will be back to back with last year. 2016 seemed like it wasn't much of a winter at all with very mild and comfortable temperatures. There is currently no talk of La Niña's counterpart El Niño taking effect any time soon. I must admit that I'm looking forward to a new El Niño event. Our past two hurricane seasons have been active and stressful. El Niño is known to produce much weaker hurricane seasons. La Niña often contributes to a much busier and dangerous season.

How will this relate to our pest control forecast for the winter of 2017/18?

Mild temperatures during the cool winter season mean more insect activity. In general, such pets as fleas, ticks, ants, roaches and even mosquitoes. Cooler temperatures during the winter give us a break from such activity. This coming winter should be similar to last years event. Rodents and small animals should see an average season. The only pest that may be effected by the dry season could be the termites. That doesn't mean that termites are still not in their underground caverns. It simply means the flight of the swarming reproductive winged termites may not occur as much. This isn't necessarily a good thing. Many people get termite treatments due to swarmer activity in their homes. Otherwise, without the swarmers letting us know that they are present, another year goes by with further damage that goes undetected. This is why it is vital to have a post construction Termidor treatment.

dry winter ahead

The Australian cockroach will be encountered more often during mild and dry winters.

The height of mosquito season came late this year.

The height of mosquito season came late this year. From Houston to Tampa, from Tampa to our range of central Florida, the mosquito season kicked into high gear in September in 2017. Can you guess why? Yes, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. The hurricane season of 2017 has been devastating for many this year. Too… Continue Reading

Horse farms and fire ants

Horse farms and fire ants Today we are going to talk about treating horse farms for fire ants. At Meryl’s Termite and Pest Control, we offer a service for equine pastures. When treating equine pastures, we target red imported fire ants. The potential threat and dangers of the red imported fire ants pose to horses… Continue Reading

Paper wasps

Paper wasps are the most common stinging wasps found in our range of central Florida. No to be confused with their relatives the mud daubers, paper wasps make paper-like nest commonly around the eaves and tight corners where the roof meets the side of the structure. You may notice that when you knock a paper… Continue Reading

Summer 2017 update

Summer 2017 update We’re at the height of summer with the longest days of the year. Let’s take a look at pest control related issues in the past six months and the future six months. We recently talked about our two most common service calls so far this season; red imported fire ants and brown… Continue Reading

Brown banded cockroach infestations on the rise

Brown banded cockroach infestations on the rise and they’re a tricky pest to control. The brown banded cockroach is indeed a bandit. Their populations are on the rise as service calls continue to mount.   The brown banded cockroach can sometimes be even more tricky to control than the German cockroach. Why? Here’s what we’ve… Continue Reading

Summer 2017 – Number one service call so far…

Summertime is here again! It’s a few days before July 2017. What has been our number one service call thus far? Let’s find out… Our number one service call this summer (so far) has been red imported fire ants. It’s actually a logical conclusion when weighing in all the factors. First of all, we’re coming… Continue Reading

Drain fly maintenance

Drain fly maintenance tips: Drain flies are an annoyance; there’s no doubt about that. These pests reach their height of activity from mid spring to mid fall. Right now, in late June, they’re at their peak. We do have a product called bio-drain which is effective. However, to get even better results here’s some things… Continue Reading