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Night lights attract…

Night lights attract...

Night lights around a house are great for a feeling of security. Unfortunately, night lights also attract pests. What kind of pests? Mostly flying insects including moths and mosquitoes. This in turn they attracts spiders and scorpions. Often times these pests are able to find their way inside a home. Still, night lights are great for security so I cannot recommend that you turn them off to deter these pests. Instead, we can talk about how we can continue to use our night lights and feel safe from both bugs and would-be human intruders.

Our first recommendation would be having the areas around the structure sprayed with a repellent every quarter. This in itself will be a big help concerning the use of night lights. Next, there are a few things home owners can do to help deter nighttime pest activity outside your home.

As a homeowner utilizing night lights, it is very important to keep the weather stripping around the doors up to date. Old weather stripping will start to crumble creating entry ways for pests. These entry points do not have to be that big. Bugs can fit into very tight areas. Also, around windows frames. Make sure screens are inserted correctly and without any holes.

Another task a homeowner can perform in order to deter pest activity is to make sure all bushes, shrubs, and trees are not coming in contact with the structure. Make sure no tree limbs are hanging over the structure. Be sure that when taking down tree limbs you take all safety precautions and call a professional if necessary. Be sure any other holes or entry points around the structure are sealed.

Night lights are often a must in today's world. You can still use them. Just remember the points covered in this post.

Scorpion - night lights

Scorpions are mostly nocturnal and pests attracted to lights to result in a scorpion problem.

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