Brown banded cockroach – a tricky roach to control

The brown banded cockroach is a hardy pest and can be a tricky cockroach to control. Here’s the story of the brown banded cockroach.

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This roach is a smaller species of cockroach similar in size to that of the German cockroach and Asian cockroach and that’s really the only thing this invasive species has in common with them appearance-wise. This cockroach can be identified by it’s two light-colored bands across the wings and abdomen that are partly covered by the wings. The males of this species appear to be more slender than females while females appear to have a more stout appearance. They can also be identified by leaving fecal smears and pellets along with ootheca’s which the roach will often leave behind in warm areas. They have a fairly wide distribution and are quite common across our region of central Florida. As with all cockroach species they carry a health risk when indoors by spreading bacteria and have the potential to spread virus’s such as norovirus when the roach is exposed to human matter and bodily fluids that they will readily consume.

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The brown banded cockroach should not be underestimated as it can be difficult to eliminate from a pest control operator’s standpoint. One of the most common situations we deal with is when an infestion begins in a crawlspace of a manufactured home. The roach will then find a weakness at the bottom of the structure and will work it’s way inside on the lookout for food and water, although it should be noted that they requires less water and humidity than the German cockroach and are more likley to stay away from areas that tend to be more on the damp side. This roach tends to avoid daylight more than other species. It would appear that the brown banded cockroach has an immunity to many pesticides and baits. Gels with fipronil seem to be the one ingredient that still appears to be effective against this pest. Pheromone traps can also be used with some success and can also come in handy when trying to keep track of cockroach activity.

This is just another species of cockroach that we at Meryl’s Termite and Pest Control deal with on a regular basis. The importance of integrated pest management and identifying the species should not be overlooked and comes into play here. It is a very important factor in both the control of the brown banded cockroach, and cockroach control in general.

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