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Brown banded cockroach infestations on the rise

Brown banded cockroach infestations on the rise and they're a tricky pest to control.

The brown banded cockroach is indeed a bandit. Their populations are on the rise as service calls continue to mount.


The brown banded cockroach can sometimes be even more tricky to control than the German cockroach. Why? Here's what we've found out dealing with these tough and hardy pests: As a general rule (with occasional exceptions), German cockroach infestations are usually limited to kitchen and bathroom spaces. The brown banded cockroach has less imitations and can be found in other parts of the house that tend to be drier. It is said that the brown banded cockroaches do not depend on water the their German cousins. In my own experience, I do find them more concentrated in moist areas contrary to what's being said on the internet.

Brown-banded cockroach - pest control issues
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The brown banded cockroach will infest the inside of a home. Their numbers are not commonly known to grow as greatly as the German cockroaches. Control of the brown banded cockroach can be frustrating. The brown banded roaches seem to have much stronger resistance to pesticides which is why and insect growth regulator and pheromone traps are sometime helpful in their control.

We've also found them in crawl spaces under manufactured homes when conditions are right. The best way to control them here would be going directly to the source. On the inside, control isn't always so simple. They can be found just about anywhere and not necessarily in the concentrated numbers as their German counterparts. Identifying conducive conditions can help but won't always work. Bait, spray, crack and crevice, you're going to be in for a long ride.

Although these pest can be hard to control, we offer them as a part of our general pest control program which covers many other common household pets as well. At this time, we don't consider this as a clean-out service since their numbers usually are much more modest than those of the German cockroaches. At the same time, they can be just as challenging and the rules for controlling the Germans also applies. For example, keep bowls of dog food, cat food and any other pet food up from the floor or counters during the time of treatment. A good understanding of the necessary protocol will ensure a strong relationship between the pest control operator and the owner of the property being treated.