Something eating your clothes? Clothes Moths or Carpet Beetles?

Something eating your clothes? Clothes Moths or Carpet Beetles? “I’ve got something eating my clothes” is usually the first sentence that will come out of a customers mouth when they are the victim of Clothes Moths. When Clothes Moths or Carpet Beetles are suspected the first thing that must be established is if you are seeing the insects or simply the holes. Here’s some tips brought to you by Meryl’s Termite and Pest Control.

This question must be presented to determine if the insects are actually involved in the damage. This is due to the fact that many times, holes in clothing is mechanical;l;y generated from people rubbing sharp edges in their day-to-day work routine without even knowing it. Some evidence which can give clues to what is causing the holes is lack of insect frass, cast skins, or larval webbing,with all the holes are occurring in similar areas of the body of the garment. If this is the case, it is probably occurring due to mechanical reasons.

Can you describe the insect around the problem area? Assuming you are dealing with an infestation of Clothes Moths, you need to determine if the damage isn’t from Carpet Beetles, another pest species that destroy fabric which will be covered in a futures blog post. Is the insect you are seeing flying (Clothes Moths)? Do they have a hard shell (Carpet Beetles), or are they just very small moths? A big difference is the Carpet Beetles leave their larval cast skins behind in large numbers around the area of damage. Clothes Moths on the other hand, will leave their frass, larval eggs, and pupal cases around the damage. Surprisingly Carpet Beetles are attracted to light, whereas Clothes Moths are not.

Once Meryl’s Termite and Pest Control determines exactly what insect we are dealing with, we can take the next step for managing the problem. Indeed, and once again like stated in an earlier blog post , identifying the species is of critical importance. Once finding the activity the contaminated item should be sealed in a bag, to prevent spreading and further infestation, that is, if the item the customer wanted to save, the other option would be to leave the item in the freezer for at least two weeks. Freezing kills all stages of Clothes Moths.

Clothes Moths should be though of as a pest that’s on the rise, as they are gaining momentum across the world, not just the Ocala and Lady Lake areas. This could be caused by warmer temperatures and more natural fibers that are used in our clothes these days.So if there is something eating your clothes, it is important to understand what the insect is, and how to stop them from causing damage.

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