The roach nymph and cockroach control

Today we at Meryl’s Termite and Pest Control are going to talk about the roach nymph as it pertains to cockroach control. A roach nymph is simply a baby freshly hatched cockroach and their first stage of life. We’ve already talked about the ootheca and how it can be used to identify a problem that will warrant cockroach control; now we’re going to take a look at roach nymphs since they can often be easily confused with other insects such as beetles. Here’s what the offending roach nymph looks like as generic as they come.


A cockroach nymph found in a sink.

Sometimes it can be confusing even if you know it’s a roach nymph what species of cockroach you are dealing with which can affect the measure of pest control taken against it. Roach nymphs can be very similar in appearance from one species to the other but it’s usually easier to identify German cockroach nymphs and brown banded cockroach nymphs. The species in the above picture which was found in a sink (a common place to encounter any indoor cockroach due to the moisture and water supply) is most likely a palmetto bug due to it’s elongated body.

In the state of Florida it is inevitable that sooner than later you will have an encounter with at least one, if not several of our cockroach species which include both domestic and invasive. Some times they are simply what we in the pest control industry lovingly refer to as occasional invaders while other times it can be an indoor infestation which can lead to a clean-out service specifically targeting the species of cockroach that is causing the infestation. This includes but is not limited to German cockroaches(which are our most common clean-out species that we deal with). Special care most be taken with the control of German cockroaches due to their uncanny ability to bud.

Roach nymphs usually grow quickly when proper food and water is available. Cockroaches in general are very hardy insect and have excellent survival skills which has kept them alive for 350 million years. That’s a very long time. They were here before humans and they will most likely outlive our species. Note that we at Meryl’s Termite and Pest Control have been your integrated pest management professionals since 1991 and whether it be pest control or a full blown cockroach control clean-out service we are always ready to answer your call concerning cockroach control.

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