Electric Racket Bug Zapper for the occasional invader

Electric Racket Bug Zapper for the occasional invader

First let me begin by say from all of us to all of you at Meryl's Termite and Pest Control are wish you a happy and healthy new year. Here's to 2018!

Let's start the new year off by introducing the electric bug zapper racket for those who haven't heard of it yet. This tool can really come in handy when dealing with the occasional invader. Say it's after hours or a holiday and Meryl's is closed. This is a great way to take care of that nasty occasional invader that sometimes makes it into your home. It works great for nuisances like wolf spiders, wasps, cockroaches, and more!

Electric Racket Bug Zapper - Meryl's Pest Control

I mean, who wants to have to pick up a wolf spider with a napkin or paper towel? That's getting all too close. The electric racket bug zapper works on replaceable batteries. It gives off a light charge when you press the button and come in contact with the target. You can use a vacuum cleaner for sucking up wolf spiders. However, the spider often survives inside the bag or canister. They sometimes can find their way out again. Also, a vacuum cleaner isn't going to work as well on a wasp that made it inside the house. The electric racket bug zapper will be for more useful in a situation like that.

The electric racket bug zapper is relatively safe for humans but must be used with respect. It gives of a light charge enough to fry a bug. It goes without saying that you should never use the electric racket bug zapper on yourself or anyone else.  Are you interested in getting one? We at Meryl's termite and Pest Control don't not sell this product. However, it can be purchased online or often at your local hardware store.

So, there's our tip for the new year. Again, let's all hope for a great 2018 all around and also pray the hurricanes don't become a problem like the last two years. We could use some time off from tropical cyclones. Thanks again and we'll see you out there!