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Fleas and their host

Fleas and their host

It's been awhile since we talked about fleas and their host. There is often some confusion among clients about the biology of fleas. Specifically, who can be the hosts of the fleas. Over the years, dog and cat owners have asked us to treat the yard of the property and not indoors since they're not seeing activity on the inside of the home. It is important to note that if you have a flea infestation that's affecting your dog or cat and these animals spend any time indoors, they are going to bring fleas inside as well. These fleas will lay eggs and multiply. Their eggs will be laid in between couch cushions or in the carpet (among other places). As long as the fleas have their hosts to feed on, humans usually won't be a target for humans. Take the host away for an extended period of time and you'll soon feel how many fleas are inside the home.  Fleas prefer a dog or cat to feed on. Take that them away and the target of fleas and their host will change. Fleas also carry diseases that can be transmitted to both the pet and the human.

As you can see, fleas and their host could change. We highly recommend the indoors be treated as well. Depending on how many hours a day the pet stays indoors, there may be more fleas on the inside. Treating the inside is usually more important. Still, the outside must be treated as well. One of the best way to treat fleas in not to get them in the first place. A dog or cat that spends any time on the inside should be on flea prevention medication.

fleas and their host