How to overcome arachnophobia

Overcoming arachnophobia

Arachnophobia means having an irrational fear of spiders.
Arachnophobia means having an irrational fear of spiders. It's actually a very common fear which closely rivals ophidiophobia which the fear of snakes. But why do we have these fears? For one thing spiders (along with snakes for that matter) play a very important role in our ecosystem. Spiders are carnivores and feed on many insect species which we consider pests. But when do spiders themselves become pests? An infestation of spiders in an area such as an attic could qualify them for this. Or perhaps highly venomous black widow spiders may nest in areas around the yard that you come in contact with. Still, those cases are somewhat rare and when it comes down to it, even though all spiders are venomous to some degree, the majority of them are harmless to humans. This leads us back to the idea of arachnophobia, a sometimes serious and even debilitating anxiety issue that many folks deal with.

To be honest, I myself was once a victim of arachnophobia for many years. There still remains some debate as to why these fears exist in the first place. Some scientists say it's an inborn trait while others claim it's a matter of environmental conditioning. I honestly don't know what the reason is. Perhaps it's a combination of the two but the funny thing is, while I did have a fear of spiders, I was the exact opposite when it came to snakes. I loved them from my earliest recollections , so go figure.

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So, how did I get over my fear of spiders? It simply came to mind over matter. When I started as a pest control technician I simply realized a fear of spiders just wasn't going to do anymore. I had to get over it and fast. So, believe it or not, I simply told myself that I no longer had a fear of spiders and that was it. They're still not my favorite creature on earth but I can work with the. Of course, this approach may not work for everyone who has the fear; it requires a strong will. In fact, a very strong will but it might not be as hard as you think. There are other things you can try. Perhaps you may know of someone who owns a tarantula. Holding one and letting crawl through your fingers and up your arm can help. After all, fear in itself is simply a lack of understanding of an animal or situation. You can also try to visit a pet store if none of your friends have a tarantula. They may allow you to hold one. In fact, conquering a fear can be quite liberating so you might just want to keep the tarantula as a pet. One piece of important advice though, make sure you always ask the person in charge of the tarantula if it is docile and make sure it's not a biter since this can hurt your progress greatly.

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With all this in mind always remember that there are spiders that have a powerful enough venom to hurt humans such as (but not limited to) widow spiders, red backs, funnel webs, brown recluse, hobo spiders and even to a lesser extent, a wolf spider can give a bite you won't soon forget; myself being a victim of that unfortunate situation.