The huntsman spider of Australia

The huntsman spider of Australia

Today I thought we'd have a little fun with our blog at Meryl's Termite and Pest Control. We've talked so much about invasive species over the years.

The huntsman spider is actually a family of spiders found in most of the continents except for Europe and Antarctica. There are some species of this spider in the Americas and some populations are right here in Florida, albeit rare to my experience until recently.

Now, don't get me wrong, we have some really big spiders here in Florida too. In fact, the golden orb weaver AKA banana spider can reach about the some size as Australia huntsman spider (check out a picture of the golden orb weaver on your right). The big difference is, the golden orb weaver always stays outside while the huntsman spider is a hunter, like a wolf spider. The huntsman spider can be found on the inside of homes.

Indeed, the wold spider is a good spider to make comparisons too. They're hunters that often come on the inside and scare the heck out of people (yours truly included). But, similar to the wolf spiders, the impressive size and speed of the huntsman spider will also bite humans when defending themselves, only their venom usually doesn't cause major harm to humans. Even so, would you want to take a hit from one of this giant monster spiders? I, myself took a hit from a wolf spider last year and it was not a fun experience. Lots of itching and burning around the area of the two vampire-like puncture wounds.

golden silk orb-weaver

Sure the golden orb weaver AKA banana spider of Florida gets really big. Thankfully, they like to stay outdoors so they can catch their prey in the large webs they weave. Still, we do have to treat them when their webs are found near the outside of a structure.

This brings us to the fun part that I mentioned at the beginning of the article. Everyone enjoys a good scare when they themselves are safe, that's why the horror movie industry has stayed in business since motion pictures were invented (only problem is 98% of today's horror films are extremely boring). Check out the video below. When I first saw it I laughed so hard it made my stomach hurt. Keep in mind this is the Australian version of the huntsman spider and that's where this situation takes place. A warning to those with severe arachnophobia, don't watch it if you are disturbed by spiders. No one got hurt on the making of this video and is for entertainment purposes only.

They are more fearsome looking than they are actually being dangerous to humans. See you next time!

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