Pest control activity in January?

Pest control activity in January? Indeed! Here’s a picture taken just yesterday of an American house spider active in the coldest month of the year in Florida.

The American house spider, still active in the coldest month of the year in Florida.


Like we mentioned in another blog post last year, in the state of Florida, there is a need for pest control all year ’round. I also came across active Florida carpenter ants yesterday, and even a southern fence lizard. The sea on started off rather cool, but for the last three or four weeks we’ve been enjoying warmer weather just in time for it to cool down again today. Still, a few cool days may slow down activity a bit, but it won’t completely stop it.

Another picture we took during the last week of December around Christmas was this Palmetto bug aka American woods cockroach.


All of these photos were taken during he winter season in central Florida. Just wait to so what we come across in the coming months of spring and summer.

Temperature plays a big part in pest activity in the state of Florida. A few years back we went through an extreme winter that reached all the way down to south Florida. That year was similar to a winter up north where the pests disappear without a trace. At least for a little while. In our case it was about two months as opposed to the six or more months of winter the northern states have to deal with. That kind of winter is a rare occurrence in the state of Florida, but it does occur every ten to twenty years.

When the call for pest control and termite control arises, Meryl’s Termite and Pest Control is available the entire year. Bugs and other pests are simply a big part of living in this state and the mostly pleasant sub-tropical climate that we enjoy. We are looking forward to a new and busy year here and we also look forward to serving you!

Florida Woods Cockroach AKA Palmetto bug