Pest control and climate change…

Climate change has been a highly discussed topic in the media as of late. The melting glaciers off Greenland and rising sea waters are some of the most worrisome. But what about the pest control industry and climate change? Where do we stand?

To begin with let me start out by saying that I’ll only be taking an educated guess here at best. This is due to the fact that there is no recognized science on the subject at the time of this writing. I also won’t be getting into the causes of climate change since it is a greatly debated topic. We do know that it’s getting warmer and that we have milder winters. Lucky for us here in central Florida, it’s been pretty wet here unlike the epic droughts out west. On the other hand, warmer temperatures and more rain means more bugs. That’s common sense. While some reptiles and amphibians may face extinction due to climate change, the bugs should only gain from it.

Has anyone noticed how much worse cold and flu season has been over the past two years? I have no scientific evidence to back it up but I think that may be connected to the warming temperatures due to what is being called climate change. I do know, however, that Miami is already getting prepared for rising ocean levels. Of course, when talking about climate and weather projections, there is no guarantee. There does seem to be some statistical data on graphs which show a pattern forming.

So, all in all, I do think we’ll be seeing more bugs in the coming years, since they have the best adaption methods of any other living creatures.

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