Pest control and motor homes?

Pest control and motor homes? A question we often get here at Meryl’s Termite and Pest Control is whether or not we treat motor homes for pests. The short answer is yes, we do. We’ll now take a further look into the situation concerning pest control and motor homes.

Basically, these mobile homes can be treated the same way as standard homes are. They have the same problems which included ants, cockroaches and rodents to name the most common calls. One tip I’d like to share with you right now concerning rodents and motor homes would be to continuously open up and inspect the home all year round, especially the off season. It’s not good to let these homes sit for several months at a time without opening them up. It’s a grand invitation for mice, rats and squirrels. Especially during the cooler months of winter. I’ve seen the inside of motor homes virtually destroyed by these pests. Feces everywhere and destruction due to chewing.

When it comes to ants and cockroaches, it’s the same story as with any standard home on a slab (or mobile home for that matter). You want to keep trees from touching or hanging over the structure. Also, keep grass and weeds from overtaking (or growing under) the structure. German cockroach infestations are not uncommon with motor homes. They are treated the same way, and the same precautionary measures should be taken as with any other home or structure. We’ve even had calls for cars infested by German cockroaches.

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There you have it, the short and long answers to whether or not pest control and motor homes is something we handle, the answer is, YES we do, so don’t hesitate to call if you’re having a problem and happy traveling!