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Pest identification through evidence left behind

Pest identification through evidence left behind

Today we’re going to be talking about a subject that isn’t very pleasant but is sometimes of vital importance when it comes to integrated pest arrangement. Pest identification through feces. Feces that is left behind from such pests as mice, rats, lizards and even tree frogs.

In some situations we know that we have pest activity but we cannot catch the culprit in the act. As you know pest identification is of vital importance and something we’ve talked about here to great extent on several occasions. The best example I can give is from a situation where it appeared there were mouse droppings scattered around the outside walls of a home. There was only one clue that wasn’t adding up. How did the fecal pellets get stuck to the side of the wall, and in some case near the eaves? The explanation was actually very simple. It wasn’t a mouse problem at all. The remains were left behind by green tree frogs that would come out at night and eat bugs that were being attracted by the outside lights. Frogs are amphibians. Anole lizards and geckos are reptiles. Their feces is very similar except for one thing. Amphibians excrete liquid waste through their skin. Reptiles do not. So while a green tree frogs remnants will look very similar to a mouse or anole, the key difference is the reptile will also leave a bit of white material behind, the mouse and the tree frog will not.

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Notice the white part of the fecal matter. This is called uric acid and is a prime indicator that these droppings were left behind by a lizard such as an anole or gecko rather than a mouse.

When it comes to pest identification, droppings left behind are sometimes the only thing left for a pest control operator to work with. Palmetto bugs are also sometimes hard to encounter during the daytime but leave behind droppings that the pest control operator is familiar with. Sometimes money is wasted when traps are set for the wrong target pest. Although it’s not a pleasant subject it can be very important when it comes to an integrated pest management program.

Pest identification through evidence left behind