Pests that eat clothes

Have you ever taken an old sweater out of the closet only to find that it has holes in it? Today we’re going to talk about pests that eat clothes.

To start out with, the most obvious and infamous pest known for eating clothes would be the two different species of clothes moths. Just about everyone is familiar with them and especially what’s used to control them, the foul smelling moth balls. At least, I personally don’t care for the smell of them. Moth balls are also occasionally used to repel snakes from outdoor areas on one’s property, however the effectiveness of this is highly questionable.

Next on our list of pests that eat clothes are carpet beetles. There are four species of carpet beetles that are commonly found in our home. At times, carpet beetle infestations can be light, or heavy.

Another one for our growing list of pests that eat clothes are crickets. Crickets infestations on the indoors in our area are very rare, but these insects can become a real problem in certain situations when the right conditions are met. Besides clothing, crickets will also feed on paper products, clothing, furniture and even the walls but it can be noted that the damage they do to clothing results in larger areas of the fabrics as opposed to the small holes typical of clothes moths or other fabric pests.

Silverfish are another pest that can damage clothing only Silverfish don’t directly eat fabric but are more interested in what’s inside the fabric itself.

The Final entry for today’s post about pests that eat clothes are rodents. Like silverfish, rodents don’t actually consume the clothing itself, but are very fond of the fabric. Both mice and rats have been know to tear apart clothing, towels, bed covers and other fabrics to use for their nesting sites. Have you ever had a hamster as a pet? The hamster will do the same thing in it’s cage with the litter we as pet owners provide them with. They make a nest out of the litter and nestle down in it during the day and are active all night long just like mice and rats.

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