Tis the Season for… Termite swarmers

Tis the Season for… Termite swarmers! Indeed, the season is upon us as the ideal weather conditions have been met and the calls are coming in.So, have YOU seen any termite swarmer activity lately? Hopefully not but if you do, you’re not alone.

The current weather conditions have been ideal for termite swarmers although it may defy logic that termite reproductive fliers would swarm at the coolest time of the year. Technically speaking, termites can swarm at any given time throughout the year, but the cool winter months are the height of the activity. How do you know if you have termite swarmers? Believe me, you’ll know. I’ve walked into houses that seemed like an exorcism was needed. It’s not unheard of for a room, or an entire house to fill up with these flying reproductive termites. Don’t confuse them with ants which have a segmented body. The termite’s body will seemed fused together even though if you look close enough you can distinguish a head, thorax and abdomen. The ants body structure is much more dramatically segmented.

In the short term we at Meryl’s Termite and Pest Control can find the small hole and treat the inside of the wall void to keep the intruding termites out, but this is only a quick fix. Next up would be to do a post-construction treatment with Termidor. There’s really no other way around it. You don’t want to wait as the termites continue to eat away at the structure that you’re living in year after year. Another point that needs to be made would be that just because you’re not experiencing termite swarm activity doesn’t mean you don’t have termites, as they don’t always swarm every years. In fact, termites can go a few to several years without swarming.

So what brings termites to our home to feast and why did they hit my house and not the neighbors? The second part of the question is easy. it’s hit or miss. The first part of the questions needs a little more detail. When property that was once forest is cleared and homes are built over the land the termite colonies under the earth still remain. They’re hungry and come up looking for food which is wood and cellulose. Conducive condition such as moisture can also be an attractant to termites. Knowing all this one would surely invest in a post construction treatment in order to protect ones property, which ultimately is your most important investment. So watch out for those termite swarmers!


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