Summertime means spiders, spiders, and more spiders!

Arachnophobia. Few creatures that dwell upon the earth strike as much fear and misunderstanding in man’s heart as spiders. Summertime across Ocala, Lady Lake and the surrounding areas will see their fair share of spiders every season. There is a lot of confusion and misconceptions about these actually helpful and vital to the environment arachnids.

The Wolf Spider in attack/defense mode!

Wolf Spider attack mode
Black Widow Spider | Meryl's Pest Control

First, imagine our area without spiders, then imagine twenty or thirty times more of other insect pests that you will encounter if spiders are not around to eliminate them as their complete diet source. Secondly, it is important to know that technically all spiders are venomous, they use their venom to immobilize and digest their prey, however, we have only two that are particularly dangerous to humans, namely, the Widow Spiders (Black and Brown respectfully), and the Brown recluse.

It is also important note that the Brown Recluse is not established in our area, more the western panhandle of Florida, however, on occasion bites do occur. Also, even though our common Wolf Spider doesn’t have the reputation as a Recluse or Widow spider, if you get bitten by one, it is possible that you may have a reaction to the venom, and are advised to seek medical attention regardless. Indeed, even Wolf Spider’s could leave a painful reminder of it’s presence even with mild necrosis.

How common are spider bites? | Meryl's Termite & Pest Control

Spider bite

Even though they are vital to our ecosystem, we still can’t seem to co-exist with these creatures, at least not in or around our homes. Pest control and and will help to control their numbers, but here are some tips that you the home owner can do to reduce the likelihood of their presence.
– Remove debris from your yard.
– Remove piles of dead leaves, grass clippings, piles of wood, boxes, tires, plywood, and empty containers from the yard.
– Keep tall grass and weeds out of your yard. If debris is not available, the next place spiders will look will be shrubs, tall grass, and tall weeds.
– Limit your outdoor storage. Boxes, bags, etc
– Check boxes stored outdoors before you bring them into the house.
– Remove webs when you spot them.
– Avoid using outdoor lighting or use your outdoor lights as little as possible.
Finally, something to keep in mind, by eliminating the spider’s food source(other bugs) through pest control, the spiders won’t have a reason to hang around and move on to “greener pastures”.

widow spider eggs

Widow spider eggs

Night lights and spiders | Meryl's Pest Control

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