Spring and the Springtail…

The Springtail is a wingless tiny insect from the order of Collembola. They occur in large numbers and require moist soil. They can infest homes but only where high humidity is present, along with mold. You can also find springtails in large numbers in swimming pools, potted plants, or in mulch. They feed on fungus and their spores as well as decaying, damp vegetation. On Occasion, the springtail will also attack young seedlings that may damage the roots and stems.

Springtails are not a common call for us but we do get them. I remember the first time I encountered them thinking how much they looked like little tiny shrimp.

The springtail can be a pest on both the inside and outside of a home. The best way to prevent or remove this pest from a house is to remove the organic matter that is attracting them such as potted plants. The idea is to make the environment less conducive for their needs. If you do have potted plants on the inside of a home, avoid over-watering. Also keep in mind that is the springtails are on the inside, it’s a good indication that a large population exists on the outside surrounding the structure as well. Compost piles and decaying vegetation should be removed from areas close to the house while mulch should be only two or three inches deep so it dry much quicker and stay that way. Again, avoid over-watering when an infestation is present.

When it comes to swimming pools, the springtail will live in the surrounding soil. This is when the soil is overly moist. It is sometimes necessary to control these pests with insecticide applications. That’s where we come in. We can put up a barrier around the house to control springtails which is highly effective. Granules will also be used on the soil surrounding the house.It also may be necessary to treat mulched flowerbeds and the base of shrubbery. Multiple treatments are not usually necessary but never say never. It’s usually a situation where the problem is treated as needed rather than quarterly intervals.

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