What exactly are sugar ants?

We at Meryl’s Termite and Pest Control get calls for sugar ants all the time; but what is a sugar ant exactly? Is this a true recognized species of ant? Well, technically yes, but the ants we deal with here in our range of central Florida including Ocala, Lady Lake, The Villages, Leesburg, Dunnellon, Inverness and the surrounding areas that are constantly referred to as “sugar ants” are actually other ant species.

Sugar ants are actually quite a large ant while most calls we get for these pests are often quite small, that can be your first clue that you’re not dealing with sugar ants. Although true sugar ants are found in the United States, to be honest I’ve yet to encounter one in our range. The calls we get for so called sugar ants always turn out to be ghost ants, pharaoh ants, rover ants, and sometimes even crazy ants, and pavement ants. Although the red imported fire ant will also occasionally invade the inside and can appear in different sizes these ants are more distinguishable and notorious and are seldom if ever referred to as sugar ants.


Perhaps the reason for ants in our range being called sugar ants is because the ants people are dealing appear to be sweet feeding. Of all misidentified ants referred to as sugar ants the ghost ant is the most commonly mistaken. Whatever the reason may be it is of vital importance that a correct identification is made before treating any ant species to help ensure success and to prevent budding(spreading out into different areas away from the initial infestation). This is a major factor in any integrated pest management program.

Whatever ant species you are dealing with you can rest assured that Meryl’s Termite and Pest Control is ready to answer your call. An ant infestation of any kind inside a home can range from being generally annoying to even being hazardous. This is why a good annual pest control program is your answer to pest control maintenance throughout our range. Our pest control program offers four quarterly follow-ups with service calls included under the initial fee. Just call us up and we’ll come out and take care of the ant control issue you are dealing with. We look forward to hearing form you!