The armadillo is one tricky animal to trap!

The armadillo is one tricky animal to trap. The main complaint and what makes the animal a pest are the large holes the animal makes in the yard.
They are often found up against the foundation of the house. They can also be very dangerous in horse paddocks which in such a situation a horse can accidentally step into the hole and end up breaking a leg.

The reason that the armadillo is more difficult to trap rather than other small animal control is because of the baiting issue since they eat grubs and worms instead of something as easy as canned tuna or cat food that a racoon or opossum would eagerly accept. There are some tricks around this like putting night crawlers in a stocking and place them inside a have-a-heart trap or placing predator urine around an area, but there are problems with these techniques. First, you can purchase a container of predator urine, but is it likely you’ll cover your entire property with it? Sounds kind of expensive and unrealistic. The worms in a stocking sound like a more realistic idea, but as we know, armadillos have horrible eyesight. To be honest, this trick hasn’t worked(yet) for us in our experience. A better idea would be having a dog that stays outdoors at night; that would surely deter any armadillo. However first, you need an outside dog, and second, you would need to have your yard fenced in.

Really, the best way to approach small animal control when talking about the armadillo would be to try something like this. As mentioned earlier they have very poor eye-site. Set up a have-a-heart trap during the morning or day(they are nocturnal which means they are most active at night) near the hole with small garden fencing set up so that there is a passage way which is created that leads directly into the trap in hopes that they will walk right into it. Remember, never attempt to hold or touch an armadillo due to the diseases it may be carrying such as Chagas disease, and others.

Well, that’s all for this time, we hope you’ll use Meryl’s Termite and Pest Control for all your small animal control needs.