The Label is the Law…

In the pest control industry we have a saying. The label is the law. The label we are referring to is the product label on pest control and termite control products. The information found on the label contains all the pertinent safety information and tells us all the “dos and don’ts concerning the product. While products containing Fipronil are highly effective in termite control and pest control it must be treated with respect and should only be used by licensed and trained professionals. Like anything else, when used incorrectly or not with accordance of the product label Fipronil can be dangerous to invertebrates, fish, and some species of birds. This is why we as pest control professionals have labels that we must follow in the treatment of particular situations and pests we are targeting. Toxicity on humans has been tested in studies but with no adverse effects, and since it’s not volatile it’s unlikely humans will be exposed to it in the air. Nonetheless, we ask those who are not trained or have any experience with such products to please seek a qualified professional when it comes to termite control and pest control in general.

We’ve all heard the term, “less is more”, right? That’s the case with most pesticides. In fact, some pesticides which are over-applied will do more harm than good in the sense that the target pest could avoid the product more easily, or simply go around it by being more aware of it. This is another reason besides safety and it’s general effectiveness. You also have to keep in mind that the label serves another purpose. That purpose is to protect the environment. Many precautions are taken by the companies who produce these products from the safety of humans, to the safety of wildlife, to the safety of the environment while still being effective against the target pests. The label is the law and we all stand by it so the next time you see a professional applying pesticides note that by law we have a certain amount we can legally use and other precautions that must be taken.

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