The Villages pest control and rodents

The Villages pest control area is often subject to rodents such as mice and rats. For such a highly populated area one may think that such creatures would shy away from the busy area. In actuality, it’s the complete opposite. Think of New York City. Sure the alligators living in the sewers are a myth but the rats and mice have can certainly handle the cold winter temperatures and infest the city.

In the case of the Villages pest control area many of the house and subdivisions are still very new and more land is being cleared. there are many golf courses with ponds and other low laying areas that collect water and have some brush and tall grass. This is the perfect environment for rodent as they have adequate cover and water, there’s only one thing missing; food! That’s where the humans who live in the area come into play. Rodents will often attempt to enter a house looking for food or when the temperatures drop. They’ll also get into the garbage that’s outside in cans. The properties in The Villages and Lady Lake area are well kept, mowed and trash and random litter is pretty much non-existent, yet there are still rodent problems. Welcome to Florida! It’s the same way with other pests such as cockroaches and ants. You can keep a clean house but bugs are still going to make there way in at some point.

So, in the case of the Villages pest control area the prevention methods recommended for areas that are located in more rural areas usually don’t apply. Your best prevention is to get a good pest control company such as Meryl’s Termite and Pest control and get on an annual program. General pest control issues are a year round event. different parts of the year will find higher concentrations of different types of pets, such as but not limited to the boxelder bugs. These guys usually infest certain concentrated areas in the spring and fall, usually for about a week. We hope the Villages pest control and surrounding areas will choose Meryl’s Termite and Pest Control to help defend you from rod nets, pests and other type of nuisances.

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