The Villages pest control and Argentine ants

The Villages pest control and Argentine ants

The Villages pest control and Argentine ants seem to go hand in hand. As the pest continues to spread across the area of The Villages and Lady Lake we’ll focus on the most affected areas. The Argentine ant is an invasive ant species. As the name would imply the ant originates from  Argentina and other parts of South America. Like other ants such as the red imported fire ant, the Argentine ant was accidentally introduced to our area though trade of goods. Although Argentine ants are spreading I would say they are not as common and the red imported fire ant and let’s hope it stays that way.

Invasive ants and invasive creatures in general are bad for our ecosystem and knock it out of whack but competing with our native species, and for some reason it seems that the invasive creatures always do better than our native ones. One would think mother nature would have a back-up plan and any foreign invader would be dealt with accordingly but that is her one weak point. Florida has been a victim of many invasive invaders because of our mild subtropical climate. Florida has dealt with everything from Burmese pythons to Cuban tree frogs to several different ant and cockroach species and everything in between. Indeed Florida has been hit hard.

The Villages pest control and Lady Lake area seems to be the most active spot for Argentine ants at this time. Why? Your guess would be a good as mine but you can be assured they will continue to spread outward. Actually, they already have, it simply would appear that the most calls we get come from The Villages pest control area. Most times when we’re dealing with Argentine ants they are invading the inside of homes with their primary nesting site being in a tree outside the structure. It is of most importance to correctly identify the species as they can be confused by some with black carpenter ants and acrobat ants.

One scary thing about Argentine ants is their potential to produce super colonies, or mega colonies. As you would guess these terms imply that the ants reproduce to the extent that they create extremely large colonies of epic proportions sometimes comparing to what horror movies are made of. Only time will tell where they will go from here.


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