Okay, Monday we talked about the Zika Virus and what we understood about the disease. At that time we stated that the Zika Virus was transmitted only by mosquito to human, not human to human. Well, we now know that we have an official case where the Zika Virus was sexually transmitted. The incident occurred here in the USA. You can read all about it at this CNN link. “The mosquito kills more people than any other animal on earth.”

The Zika Virus effects pregnant women the most, causing microcephaly, a congenital condition which causes infants to be born with small heads.

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With spring rapidly approaching keep these tips in mind.

Tips from Meryl’s Termite & Pest Control on how you can help reduce your mosquitoes by reducing the mosquitoes on your property.

– Don’t allow standing water to gather, however, we also can safely treat bird feeders that kills the mosquito larvae which will help reduce the mosquitoes on your property.
– Trim excessive weeds, grass, and shrubs.
– Remove piles of leaves and wood piles, check clogged gutters and flat roofs that may have poor drainage and keep gutters clear.
– Keep grass and hedges cut/trimmed.
– Covers barrels and trash containers tightly with a lid.
– Do not let rain water in barrels. Remove standing water in old tires, buckets, drums, flower pots, tarps or any containers.
– Store boats covered or upside down. Use soil to fill in low areas in lawns and landscaped areas where rainwater may collect and stand for more than seven days.

Check out this Zika Infographic

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